Burner Management System

Industry Services Group, Inc. (ISG) has a long association delivering Burner Management Systems (BMS) to the electric utility industry in both private and public service sectors.

Our primary design guide for recommended practices for large multi-burner utility boilers is NFPA 85 – Boiler and Combustion Systems Hazard Code. ISG has designed, installed and commissioned systems for boiler manufacturers including Combustion Engineering, Babcock & Wilcox, Riley, Foster Wheeler and others.

Recommended practice for BMS design in other industries, using package boilers, recovery boilers, heaters, kilns and other special purpose fired devices will use one of the following governing documents.

NFPA 86 – Standards for Ovens and Furnaces

API – 556 – Instrumentation and Controls for Fired Heaters and Steam Generators

ANSI/ISA S84.01 – Application of Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industries

Logic Platform

ISG has developed systems using general purpose PLC and safety PLC in simplex, hot standby and fully redundant and triple redundant configurations. We have designed both de-energize to trip and energize to trip systems. Hardware is configured to minimize the effect of failure of any one component. Displays are provided to allow the operator to monitor the start and run conditions of all equipment. A fully integrated alarm system displays and reports all alarms and failures in the exact order and time they occur.

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Flame Detection

ISG exclusively supplies IRIS flame detection equipment for multi-burner applications. Over the past fifteen years, we have found IRIS to be most reliable flame detection units. Replacements are readily available off the shelf and detectors and controllers are backward compatible to all previous models. Additionally the IRIS line is the most flexible to differing fuels and boiler configurations. www.iris-systems.com

Support Systems

Our BMS packages often include duplex cooling air blowers for flame detectors, double block and vent valve assemblies, capacitive discharge spark ignition, gas and oil igniters and pre-fabricated valve trains for gas or oil, local control panels and termination cabinets. Installation, training and commissioning are also part of our package.

Return on Investment

The primary function of the BMS is safety. Nothing is worth more. Eighty-five percent of boiler explosions or implosions occur during startup. Beyond safety considerations, a good BMS can bring dollar recovery. For example, unreliable equipment, nuisance trips and extended startup time create undesirable costs. Also, insufficient information provided by an old/inadequate BMS does not give operators specific direction for correcting a stalled startup sequence. Operators must then involve technicians to troubleshoot the system to find malfunctioning equipment or instruments. Although indirect but much more costly is the continuously running of support fuel with coal or lignite because of unreliable flame detection. The net result, a good BMS will reduce the higher operating costs and loss of production.

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