Industry Services Group, Inc., Experience List: 1997 to 2007

The following is a sampling of our most recent projects. Several of the ventures listed are turnkey, including engineering, design, drafting, procurement, prefabrication, installation, and the startup of many systems.

American Electric Power—Dallas, Texas Engineering Office

  • Supplied systems design (or redesign on as needed basis), component fabrication and integration services for more than 40 projects in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.
  • Projects included burner management, combustion control, flame detection, demineralized water, turbine control, and CEMS.

Exelon Corporation, Mountain Creek Plant—Dallas, Texas

  • Conducted turnkey (EPC) of IRIS flame detection systems for units seven and eight.

Tucson Electric Power—Tucson, Arizona

  • Designed and supervised the installation, both mechanically and electrically, of IRIS fiber optic flame scanners on CE tangential boiler.

United States Steel Corporation, Taconite Plant—Keewatin, Minnesota

  • Turnkey kiln burner management and combustion control system with modifications to add coal fuel to existing natural gas and #2 oil.
  • Designed and supplied control systems with new flame detection equipment, gas igniter, and trim gun.
  • Met U.S. Steel's demanding six-week schedule from conception to commissioning.

United States Air Force, Arnold Engineering Development Center

  • Turnkey replacement of three burner management systems, including new gas valve train, igniter system, and flame detection equipment.

City of Garland, Texas

  • Built and installed three burner management systems, three combustion control systems, and one demin water system.
  • Additionally, we have supplied electronic construction services for many other projects at the Olinger and Spencer plants.

American Electric Power—Dallas, Texas

  • Built and installed balance of plant controls for Louisiana Tech University Combined cycle generating facility.

City of Nacogdoches, Texas

  • Rebuilt four surface water filters, including under drains, filter media, and piping.

Southwest Electric Power, Welch Plant (Unit Two)

  • Assembled, tested, and delivered the burner management and combustion control cabinets.

Central Power and Light, J.L. Bates Plant (Units One and Two)

  • Assembled, tested, and delivered a combustion control and burner management system.

Lockheed Martin F-16, F-22 Assembly Plant

  • Replaced relay control system with programmable logic controller (PLC) and graphic touchscreen on bond cleaning line multi-host monorail.

El Dorado Chemical—El Dorado Arkansas

  • Turnkey design and installation of wireless Ethernet instrumentation system to monitor real-time mass balance of all raw materials, utilities, and products of this chemical plant in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Public Service of San Antonio, O.W. Summers Plant

  • Designed and drafted desuperheater piping.

TXU, Northlake Plant (Units One, Two, and Three)

  • Manufactured and installed duplex cooling air blowers for three boilers.

TXU Northlake (Unit Three)

  • Installed flame detectors and controllers (Fireye).

TXU Northlake, (Unit Three)

  • Replaced gas header vent valves.

Tucson Electric Power (Unit Five)

  • CAD drafted 74 hand-drawn, E-size burner management logic drawings and brought them up to "as built" status.

Entergy, City of Monroe, Louisiana (Units Ten, Eleven, and Twelve)

  • Turnkey project: designed, drafted, supplied all materials, installed, and completed startup of IRIS flame detectors on three boilers.

Entergy, Delta Plant (Units One and Two)

  • Turnkey project: designed, drafted, and supplied all materials to install and startup the IRIS flame detection system.

Canon Air Force Base

  • Turnkey project: engineered, designed, conducted procurement, installed, and commissioned water treatment control system.

Le Blanc Communications

  • Installed cell phone tower foundations in Houston area.

City of Jacksonville, Florida (Unit Three)

  • Turnkey project: engineered, designed, procured, installed, and commissioned IRIS flame detection and igniter system

City of Garland, Texas (Unit Three)

  • Replaced burner management and combustion control systems.

TXU, Morgan Creek Plant (Unit Three)

  • Installed igniters and flame detectors.

City of Lafayette Louisiana, Doc Bonin Station (Subcontract to Foxboro)

  • Installed IRIS flame detectors and controllers on units one, two, and three.

City of Austin Utilities, Decker Creek Plant (Units One and Two)

  • Designed, installed, and commissioned IRIS flame safety systems.