Employment Opportunities


The candidate must have excellent math skills and be a licensed Texas P.E. Our suggested experience fields, in order, are:

1. Familiar with and be able to use NFPA, NEC, IBC, ASME, ASCE and many other Codes

2. Mechanical/Structural: All of the equipment that we build has some sort of support system and anything that moves has stress problems, hence the combined heading.

2.1. Own or can build programs* for calculating/sizing:

    • Columns (steel and concrete).
    • Trusses (steel and very occasionally, wood).
    • Connection fasteners.
    • Other frame, building or mounting members.
    • Structural member sizing/checks.

2.2. ASCE 7-05, IBC 2007 and State of Texas Requirements for:

    • Wind loads.
    • Seismic loads.
    • Soil loading based on soil reports by others.
    • Hurricane protection

2.3. Foundations:

    • Loading based on the static, dynamic (wind, seismic, machine vibrations and machine driven loads/shock.
    • Concrete, steel reinforcement and attachment requirements.

2.4. Own, build or borrow programs for calculating/sizing components, systems and equipment:

    • Stress analysis and design:
    • Machine elements (Shafts, keyways, gears, clutches, fasteners, etc.).
    • Electrical (not necessarily controls) for explosion proof and water tight design.
    • Structural member sizing/checks.

2.5. A good understanding of corrosion and its cures.

2.6. Pneumatics, hydraulics, HVAC and air flow.

2.7. Fluid flow in pipe lines (air, NG, water, etc.).

3. Electronic controls for machinery and process automation.

4. Understand machining, welding and fabrication shop processes and procedures.

5. ISG doesn’t perform chemical process design very often; however, if the candidate has Power Plant experience, he will have a chance at understanding water treatment and many of the kinds of chemical processes that ISG quotes. The customer generally knows what he wants and usually has a good set of specs, all that needed is to select the equipment, size the piping, ensure that the equipment and materials are compatible with the process, and make sure that the equipment and if ISG did the design, that the process meets the applicable codes by providing process specific shielding and safety equipment.

In our world it is hard to not be computer literate. MSWord and Excel and expected. Special calculation programs are not uncommon, but, the problems occur with licensing of programs, all of our calculation programs have computer specific licenses and do not transfer. Two options are: ISG owns them on ISG computers, or the Candidate owns them on his computer.

Those we use are:

1. MathCAD 14, vM035:

1.1. For reports with templates and any equations that I generate.

1.2. Machine element stresses (MathCAD has Roark’s Handbook and Hick’s Handbook templates).

1.3. Building Structural steel and concrete (MathCAD has Magner’s Handbook templates).

1.4. Electrical Circuit design (MathCAD has Electrical, Electronic and Data Analysis templates).

2. MecaWind for ASCE 5-03 and 07 wind loads on structures.

3. PipeFlow for fluid flow in pipes.

4. 2DFrame Analysis for trusses, frames and columns.

5. MecaSeismic for ASCE Seismic loads on structures.

These are by no means the only ones available. The collection grew as our needs grew. There are finite elements and specific structural programs that are common, they can be expensive and none of them do everything. If the candidate has suggestions, let’s listen.

Duties will include about 20% travel and some offsite work. Most travel will be limited to two or three days with the longest travel duration 2-3 weeks.

The candidate will be working from our offices in Carrollton, Texas and may occasionally work from home and at the customers’ site.

This person must have a dynamic personality with a convincing and confident manor. This position will have the engineer in front of many different company executives presenting vital data and conceptual ideas.

This is a contract position. Pay range is $45-$60 per hour.