Employees: Fifty-Seven

Shifts: 1st and 2nd with quick turn capacity of two twelve hour shifts

Quality System: ISO 9002 Compliant

Manufacturing Business System: E2 Software

Engineering Software: Five seats of AutoCAD 2008 plus two seats of SolidWorks 3D

Lifting Capacities

Bridge Cranes: Quantity of fourteen total, with maximum capacity of twenty-two tons

Height under Hook: 16'-6" to 19'-1"

Jib Cranes: Two ton and one ton

Equipment (Maximum Capacity)

Press Brake: 1000 tons x 30'

Brake CNC:250 tons x 12'

Plasma Cutter CNC: 10'x 20'x 1-1/2"

Oxy/Acetyl CNC: 10'x 20'x 4"

Beam Coping CNC: 44"x 44"x 22"

Shear: 3/8" x 12'

Rolling: 3/8"x 12'

Turning: 56" swing x 120" between centers

Milling: 48"x 24"

Band Saw: 18" x 24"

Cold Saw: 11" x 4"

Punch: 120 tons

Welding: MIG, TIG, flux core and stick

Pickup and Delivery

Trucks: Two, eighteen wheel tractors

Trailers: Four, 48' to 53'

Other Services

Painting: Enamel, Polyester and Epoxy

Galvanizing: Hot Dipped

Powder Coating

Sand Blasting


Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Heavy Fabrication

Industry Services Group, Inc. (ISG) has a strategic alliance with a very capable heavy fabrication facility. The facility is ten acres of land with ninety thousand square feet of shop space and fifteen overhead cranes. The facility and its' employees have been producing steel structures, material handling equipment, dryers, bag houses, tanks and silos, billet handling, pipe manufacturing and coal handling equipment for fifty years.

Meeting multiple industry welding codes and specifications, ISG uses precaution, precision, and high proficiency in all of its welding procedures. We have an on-site quality control crew to ensure quality work, industry requirements, and the client's standards.

Equipped with the most current, high-end machinery, ISG has built a reputation for meeting all fabrication needs. Our skilled, meticulous welders and operators specialize in meeting the demands and expectations of all our clients. We wish the opportunity to build parts or plants to your specification.

Please contact us for more information regarding our heavy fabrication services.