Executive Summary

Industry Services Group (ISG) is pleased to provide the following qualification information for engineering procurement and construction (EPC) services. We at ISG are a unique provider that has tremendous strength and integrity within the market as a solution provider to the power and process community.

  • Eighty percent of our customers are electric power generators. Our engineers and technicians have years of experience in gas, oil and coal facilities.
  • We can supply controls design, integration, installation, and startup using DCS or PLC for burner management, flame safety, combustion control, turbine control, demineralized water, or balance of plant controls.
  • Design and installation of instrumentation with custom mounting and all connections and taps.
  • Fuel delivery and fuel conversion; we manufacture our own double-block and vent valve assemblies and fuel delivery racks.
  • Provide low NOx burners and installation.
  • As an independent service company, we at ISG can provide equipment from several of the most reputable manufacturers in our industry: IRIS Systems flame detectors and igniters (, North American Manufacturing low NOx burners (, Forney Corporation flame detectors and igniters (, and we build our own automatic duplex cooling air blower skids, double-block and vent valves, and fuel valve rack assemblies.

Solution and Life Cycle Benefits

We at Industry Services Group help companies around the country propel their businesses to new levels of success by delivering materials and process automation that break through the barriers of traditional solutions. Whether you are retrofitting an existing operation or attempting to optimize, you require imagination and equipment that provides the unique combination of innovative technology and proven reliability.

  • Implementation of software modeling techniques to ensure accurate flow rates and capacities.

At ISG, we will bring proven leadership, strength, and depth of experience to provide your plant with world-class tools, technology, and control performance.

We look forward to serving you.